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Gleneagles Ranked #14 on Club + Resort Business Top Ranked Health & Fitness Center

Gleneagles Fitness

Fifty clubs have earned Top Ranked status through Club + Resort Business’ inaugural search for the industry’s best fitness and wellness facilities and programs, and we are thrilled to announce that Gleneagles was Ranked No. 14 Overall for Fitness and Wellness Center in the 2021 list.  

An independent panel of General Managers served as judges. The rankings reflect the judges’ scoring of submitted entries that included data on fitness and spa facility size, the size of retail and/or food-and-beverage facilities related to fitness/wellness; average member usage, both on a monthly-visit basis and as a percentage of total membership; equipment value; classes and services offered; and staff size (both full- and part-time). The entry process also provided the opportunity to present open-ended statements about why a club’s Fitness/Wellness facility deserved to be “Top Ranked,” and to submit photos, program brochures and other supporting materials.  

In addition to the incredible fitness and spa amenities in our 15,000-square foot Healthy Lifestyle Center, Gleneagles proudly showcased our healthy lifestyle programs, including our Partner Strong Initiative and Healthy Life Newsletter. Fitness and Wellness amenities have soared in importance as a primary, in-demand amenity in the decision-making process of prospective members. This was given even greater priority in the past year, as the pandemic created more interest in clubs as one of the only available places for safely controlled recreation and exercise. Recognition as a top-15 Fitness and Wellness Center on a national level is an incredible accomplishment, and one that we should all celebrate.   

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