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Gleneagles Donates to Quantum House

Gleneagles Donates to Quantum House

Gleneagles members and staff make a difference

On Tuesday, October 4, a group of staff from Gleneagles went to the Quantum House at St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach to provide a home-cooked meal to the residents as well as spend time with the families in residence. Quantum House is a 100% community sponsored hospitality house for families of children undergoing life changing surgery or treatment at St. Mary’s Hospital, many of whom are pediatric orthopedic patients.

The Quantum House residents have traveled from all over the world for this treatment, and often times will be in residence for several weeks before, during, and after treatment or surgery. Quantum House is a home away from home, a place for these families to develop relationships with other families going through the same experiences while being walking distance from the hospital.

Team Gleneagles showed up with a home-cooked meal full of everyone’s favorite foods: roasted chicken, roasted pork loin, macaroni and cheese, green beans, salad, cookies, cupcakes and more to serve 32 adults and 21 children in residence. Executive Chef Chris, Executive Sous Chef Kelley, and Sous Chef Joseph handled everything from the culinary perspective, prepping the food in Delray and then putting the final touches on at the Quantum House kitchen. Kraig, Nick, Catherine, Carolina, Kimberly, Kim and Joe all were on hand to help with serving and interact with the families. Team Gleneagles also brought cookie decorating supplies.

“There is no better medicine for our families than to come back to the House for a delicious meal after a grueling day of surgery and treatments. Team Gleneagles is truly changing lives. ”
Robi Jurney, President and CEO, Quantum House